Teach Your Child or Friend How to Read 8.0

Workbook Introduction and List of Lessons

Level 1 Workbook Front Pages

Wk Book 1 Optional Back pages

Level 2 Front Pages

Wk Book 2 Optional Back pages

Level 3 Front Pages

Wk Book 3 Optional Back pages

Level 4 Front Pages

Wk Book 4 optional Back pages

Level 5 Workbook Front Pages

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Level 6 Workbook Front Pages

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Level 7 Workbook Front Pages

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Level 8 Workbook Front Pages

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Level 9 Workbook Front Pages

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Level 10 Workbook Front Pages

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Level 11 Front Pages

Wk Book 11 Optional Back pages

Click on the words up above: “Teach Your Child or Friend How to Read 8.0” to download a PDF of the book.  It is a newly revised version.  I posted THIS version on August 8, 2020.  You can read it as well as print it off on your own printer.  It is 70 pages long, though.  Please don’t expect to read it all in one day!  About half of the book is a collection of charts just for reference.  Only about 30 pages is actual “reading.”

I updated the workbooks on August 30, 2019.  The Workbook is divided into sections, each section uses about 10-15 pieces of paper. If you want to, you can print off the “back side” of your section so that there is lots of space for practicing writing words and/or sentences, but you don’t have to.

I strongly suggest you FIRST read the Introduction to the Workbooks.  Level 1 starts out with teaching your student how to write the letters of the alphabet, as well as number writing practice.  I am currently working on a small-type list of words that I use, so that you can just skim over it without having to open up every single workbook.  It is meant to save you time and frustration.  Sorry, it isn’t done, yet.

I suggest you buy a 3-hole punch and a 3-ring binder to store your student’s work in.  I also recommend you write the date on the top of each page that your student completes so that you can see the progress your student makes.  For fun, you can buy reward stickers from the dollar store and when your student can read the words on that page, put a sticker on it.