Working Hard

Working Hard

After reading my book, “New Phonics Fundamentals,” again a few weeks ago, I found a few places in my book I hadn’t updated. This is a work in progress. In my most recent version I reorganized some of the sections, and updated and cleaned up the book. I love how this book is really coming together.

Over the last few weeks I have also been practicing filming some YouTube videos. I researched and downloaded some video editing software and practiced some video editing. I watched some YouTube tutorials on how to video edit! I decided editing a Word Document is MUCH easier than editing a video!

After watching my videos, I was getting bored watching myself. I was talking waaay tooooo slooooowwww. So, I want to try re-filming those videos again to speed things up a bit. I figure that if I can’t stand watching my own videos, nobody else is going to want to watch them, either! I am learning so much doing all this. Thanks so much for your patience.

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