Workbook Done!

Workbook Done!

Hi Everybody! After several months of creating my workbook, it is officially “good enough!” I am posting it on my website. While I was creating my workbook, I discovered two new phonograms, so I updated my book, “Phonics Fundamentals,” as well as the phonogram flashcards! I hope you, the parent or teacher, have the tools you need to succeed! You don’t HAVE to use flashcards, if that isn’t your “style.” And you don’t HAVE to use the workbook, either. But the information contained in my book “Phonics Fundamentals” contains all of my thoughts on teaching people how to read. I hope it helps you relax, and feel confident that YOU CAN DO THIS! Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Workbook Done!

  1. Thank You! All of the thought you put into creating these amazing tools shows . I have been fascinated by the teachings of phonics since first grade and if you wouldn’t have written that you’re not an expert we’d not have known the difference . YOU ARE OUTSTANDING !

  2. Thank you so much for posting this wonderful guide! I’m starting to begin to read through and gather my thoughts and plans together… Thank you so much for creating this guide for us… Particularly this worry some mama! Love, Emma

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