Welcome to studyphonics.com!  I am honored that you are visiting!  My goal is to teach you how to better teach others how to read English.  I am currently writing a book that I plan on posting to this website when it is finished.

The MAIN reason I am going to all the effort to create a website, write a book, and eventually create YouTube videos is to spread awareness of TRUE phonics principles.  Many of these ideas were lost over a hundred years ago, and some of them I have thought of myself.  Many things that I will teach are common knowledge.  But, everybody knows different things, so I am hoping to combine everything YOU need to know to teach someone else how to read all into one location.

While you are waiting for my book to come out, READ TO your “student.” (Your “student” could be your child, your spouse, your friend, or literally your student if you are a paid teacher.)

These 4 steps are how to teach someone how to read, in a nutshell.  Most importantly, KEEP IT FUN!

Step 1:  Teach your student how to speak and understand the English language.

Step 2:  Teach your student how to identify, or separate the sounds within words.

Step 3:  Teach your student how to spell the sounds by teaching the phonograms. (A phonogram is a symbol, or a group of symbols that represents a sound.  The “Letters of the Alphabet” are just symbols, whether it is the letter “Zz,” “ough,” or “sh.”)

Step 4:  Teach your student how to blend the sounds back together, as your student learns to identify the phonograms.  (For example: “ch-i-n,” “chin!”)

The book that I am writing includes a table of the 45 sounds that the English language uses and all the ways those sounds can be spelled.  It will also include pre-reading skills; those skills that are beneficial to develop before and during formal reading instruction, like playing outside, developing gross and fine motor skills, etc.  And best of all, it will teach the lost art of phonics.